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Eyewear is compulsory for all junior players in Australia and i-Mask is endorsed by the World Squash Federation, Asian Squash Federation, European Squash and Racquetball Federation, Squash Australia and Racquetball Australia. Pictured left, Michelle Martin and Craig Rowland chose i-Mask to protect them during their Gold medal winning performance at the Commonwealth Games in 1998.
i-Mask Squash

i-Mask Squash Products
i-Mask Full Units, available in 7 colours Squash Eyewear
Inform Connection is the National Distributor for i-MASK Protective Eyewear. For many years now we have been promoting i-Mask (i-Max) for eye protection for junior players. The question many people are now asking is “what about adults?” There are many centres in Australia who have made eyewear compulsory for ALL players, including adults. You may say “I won’t ever wear eyewear”. That will always be your choice to make – however – while you can control your own racquet (in most cases!), you certainly cannot control your opponents. It only takes ONE chance shot and you may lose your eye forever. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it. Unfortunately, it happens. Give this some serious consideration – a $65 investment on an i-Mask unit today could save you a whole lot of regret later. Most squash centres have i-Mask units – ask to try one today.

Key Benefits
* Two year warranty on manufacturing of parts
* The visor fits neatly around your face and covers the area from the tip of your nose to the top of your forehead. It protects your eyes, nose, temples and cheekbones
* The visor can be worn over glasses
* The eyewear allows air to circulate under the visor and the headband is fitted with a sweaty that absorbs much of the moisture produced while playing. When worn correctly the visor does not fog or haze

Rai Sinclair posted at 14-Mar-2019 2:26:59 PM
Price and availability of:- 1 set white i_Mask plus 1 replacement visor
and postage to 4305 Queensland.
Thank you
Sue Tennent posted at 20-Apr-2018 6:17:13 PM
Hi Steve,
How are you, Lisa and the family?
Can you please give me a price on some Imask and spare parts. We need to get them for our junior program
Sue T

Thanks Sue
Amer Morgan posted at 10-Aug-2017 5:00:18 AM
Hi, I want to know of this item applies for kids 8 years old and how can I buy it. Thanks
Mircea posted at 15-Nov-2015 6:20:32 PM
hey there great blog this campaign is so sweet and funny! Never saw it thgouh what country do you live in? YOur name sounds swedish but from te writing I thin its polish or czeck right?xoxo,Luedsa
Vishal posted at 13-Sep-2015 7:10:34 AM
I need to pick one I-mask in Melbourne. Do let me know what is the address from where i can pick one. Need it in next 2days.
Marcel Löb posted at 14-Mar-2015 8:26:24 AM
Dear sirs,

Please can you inform me how to can buy or order a protectionmask.
I play two times every week in the last 35 years with Great pleasure my squash games and last week It happens a ball hit my glasses and eye. I had luck only blood and Some pain but afraid now.

Please inform me,

Regards Marcel
Sven Bj posted at 3-Sep-2010 6:05:51 AM
Absolutely fantastic ! I couldn`t believe how these just "dissapear" when your playing. No interference, No fogging up, No sweat running down face. Absolute must for any glasses wearer. You just need a 16 year old to clip it together, the right way.
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