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Inform Connection is very proud to now be distributing the Worlds most recognisable Squash Brand, Dunlop Squash Products, to the Squash Industry. Dunlop is the Worlds number one Squash Brand and has been the ball of choice for a long time. Despite experiencing some challenges in Australia in the last few years we look forward to returning the brand to its former glory.
Dunlop Squash







Dunlop Squash Products
Dunlop Biomimetic Elite- GTS Squash Racquet
The Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Squash Racket has been designed featuring a closed throat area offering a smaller and more dense string bed which provides a reduced sweet spot size making it perfect for players who wish to improve precision and control. This Squash Racket is constructed with Aero skin technology which reduces drag giving a greater racket head speed for more power and spin coupled with BioFibre technology for reduced shock upon impact of the ball for a more comfortable game.

The new Biomimetic technologies introduced this year include Hybrid Construction - the hybrid power properties of an oval cross section in the head with the stability and comfort of a box section in the shaft portion of the racquet helps provide more power than previous models without loss of control. Also new this year are the pocketed grommets and a more aerodynamic cross section in the racquet hoop which combine in making the new geometries more aerodynamic than previous models helping to increase racquet head speed.

* Construction: Premium Graphite
* Frame weight: 135g
* Balance: Head light
* String tension: 20-30lbs/9-14kgs
* Head size: 500sq.cm
* String pattern: 14x18
* Bio Fibre
* Aero skin
* MoS2 Grommets
*Hybrid Cross Section
* As used by Gregory Gaultier and many others!

Jodecy posted at 20-Jul-2016 2:10:58 AM
Hey Su, yes I’m missing Chunnie so badly like you! His looks hypnotized you straight to your soul…… Full of emotions and feelings. No one can project it so well like him in photos and teasers. Confident of him playing his character so convincingly and I’m already playing the drama scenes in my mind n20;.ca3’t wait to see him in action. Love him !😍
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