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Grays Squash has a history dating back to 1885 when Grays of Cambridge was originally founded. Quality craftsmanship was the catalyst behind Grays becoming market leaders during the 1960`s and 70`s. This quality attracted the world`s finest players and to this day no brand has won more British Opens than Grays. In the first ever live TV squash match covered at the British Open, both players in the Men`s semi-final, Paul Price and Mark Chaloner used Grays Racquets.
Grays Pro
Matt Karwalski
Matthew has represented Australia at the highest level and attained a World Top 50 Ranking. HYe has been with Inform Connection for the past 15 years and has recently taken over the Grays, Hi-tec and Salming position representing Inform Connection in NSW.
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Grays Squash Products
Grays Draw String Cover Squash Bag
Fits all Grays racquets, this draw string bag provides some protection from scratches that can often happen when a racquet is loose within a larger bag....

Grays Ninja 8 Racquet Pro Carrier Squash Bag
With fresh new artwork in July 2015, the Grays Ninja Pro Carrier Bag has three separate compartments to store racquets, shoes, clothing and an additional “wet” clothing/shoe section. Made from shiny vinyl this bag is stunning and will easily cater fo...

Grays Blue Dot Squash Balls
Suitable for the beginner and junior player, this ball bounces higher than the single or double yellow dot ball. This makes it easier to hit the ball and keep rallies going longer (which is always good when learning to play!). Available in a bag of 1...

Grays Double and Single Yellow Dot Squash Balls
Available in boxes of 12, used by many squash clubs around the world....

Grays Racquetball Squash Balls
Bag of 12 Racquetball Balls made specifically for Australian conditions....

Grays Super Squash Balls
The Superball is slightly larger than a standard squash ball making it easier for those just learning the game to see and hit. It bounces higher and therefore gives the player more time to get to the ball. This is a great tool for coaches as well as ...

Grays GT Adult and Kids Squash Eyewear
World Squash Federation Approved, stylish protective eyewear. Provides excellent protection for the eyes and does not fog. Available in orange for adults. Also available in a mini size for children up to 12 (the GT mini is blue or pink in colour)....

Grays Fusion-tac Squash Grip
Grays Fusion-tac standard and cushion grips are soft and tacky and are of the finest quality. Standard grips available in box of 24, cusion available in box of 20....

Grays Fusion Elite 135 Squash Racquet
The Fusion Squash range is the first in the world to combine premium build quality (Japanese nano-carbon with Advanced Fibre technology) and the world leading Grays Vibration damper System. The two frames in the series represent different balances an...

Grays Fusion Pro 130 Squash Racquet
The Fusion Range has been exclusively developed by Grays and combines the GX Tech Advanced Fibre Technology “Nanocarbon” with a unique rubber Vibration Dampener placed above the handle. This delivers two benefits. 1/ It removes vibration (up to 99%...

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