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Grays Squash has a history dating back to 1885 when Grays of Cambridge was originally founded. Quality craftsmanship was the catalyst behind Grays becoming market leaders during the 1960`s and 70`s. This quality attracted the world`s finest players and to this day no brand has won more British Opens than Grays. In the first ever live TV squash match covered at the British Open, both players in the Men`s semi-final, Paul Price and Mark Chaloner used Grays Racquets.
Grays Pro
Matt Karwalski
Matthew has represented Australia at the highest level and attained a World Top 50 Ranking. HYe has been with Inform Connection for the past 15 years and has recently taken over the Grays, Hi-tec and Salming position representing Inform Connection in NSW.
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Grays Squash Strings
Grays Dynamic Pro Squash String
The new Dynamic Pro String is a fantastic high performance technical synthetic gut spiral weave string with a1.2mm guage and comes in a stunning green colour on a 200m reel. ...

Grays Graytec 200m Reel Squash String
This string is popular due to its durability whilst providing great feel and touch. Great choice for all types of players. Available in a reel of 200m....

Grays Nitro Touch Squash String
A high performance string from Grays. The multifilament core gives power and durability and the braided outerwrap gives significantly improved ball control. Nitro Touch string will add performance to any racquet. 1.2mm gauge. Available in 100m re...

Grays Shotmaker Reel 200m Squash String
Renowned for its superior performance due to its thinner guage of 1.2mm. This is the string of choice for players requiring more control and touch. Available in 100m reel in pink and 200m reel in orange....

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